An industry shift

Organization’s agility and flexibility for strategy execution, customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability are directly impacted by the ability to shorten high quality software delivery and continuous improvements capability.

Business required evolution pace is not met by software delivery performance

Works brings a paradigm shift to address all these issues and to significantly and sustainably improve production and evolution of business software.

Works is a very powerful platform which allows the construction of tailor-made professional quality software applications without coding and without any code generation.

Build enterprise grade apps

Legal on Works No Code Platform


Comprehensive Litigation and Legal Cases Management solution. It is designed for law practitioners with highly flexible features to meet every custom specific need. It helps automate all the work related to different cases going on in any legal department.
Debt Collection on Works No Code Platform

Debt Collection

A highly customizable solution, offering many automations and interfaces to make the best use of your operators’ time, helping receivables management professionals organize, prioritize and customize pattern cases to drive increased collection rates while reducing manual processing.
Compliance on Works No Code Platform


It helps align strategic business goals with operational objectives, by giving an enterprise-wide view of the risks and requirements at all times. It Increases business agility by offering an agile platform to quickly adapt and customize any regulation compliance needs.
Social Security on Works No Code Platform

Trust & Pensions

The solution makes it possible to create and manage pension plans in a dynamic, flexible and fully configurable manner. The entire functional scope is covered, from recruitment, recovery, accounting and all other services for effective management of pension funds.
Freight on Works No Code Platform

Freight & Logistics

Freight on Works is a complete freight management software that automates, structures and optimizes the logistical and financial processes of commissionaires as well as all stakeholders. This solution supports all the complexity and sensitivity of the freight management business.


The management of customer complaints is essential for the success of any business. The solution allows you to set up standard complaint management processes, provide instant access to all traceability data for complaint investigation, and expedite the complaint process.

Becoming Digitally Agile
is the way

Digital disruption is no longer a speculation on possible future outcomes. The traditional Software Coding era has come of age and the industry shift is already here. Software creation will never be the same again.

WORKS setup is a simple interface from which you can build intelligent, agile business aware applications.

Works No Code Platform Setup Interface

Reduce costs

Mastering the project implementation costs is critical success key. Cost reduction opens up greater opportunities

Boost production

Multiply by FIVE the productivity of your teams and go beyond by integrating business resources without computer coding knowledge


WORKS offers the ability to dynamically configure Responsive mode displays.
A native mobile app is also available by default for quick use of parameterized business functionality.
You can also create a Native or Web Mobile application using the project environment and Web Services API available on WORKS Platform.

No specific coding needed

All is only setup  

  • No compilation.

  • No code generation.

  • No application deployment is needed.

  • No change in the structure of the database is necessary.

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