The Enterprise No Coding Platform

Build powerful IT systems and quality applications

Innovate faster, work smoother and cleverer

  • Works offers a simple setup and parameterization interface offering quick start and fully agile construction of any information system.
  • Works setup is a simple interface from which you can build intelligent, business process aware applications.

More than Low-Code, Works is a No-Code and No-Code Generation Platform.

No application generation or deployment is needed when updating functionalities

Build, update and change what you want, the application binary and the database structure both remain the same

All what you need in one place

  • Processes

  • Data Components

  • User Screens

  • Business Rules

  • Operations

  • DMS

  • Dynamic Repositories

  • organizational chart

  • Proactivity

  • Multichannel Notifications

  • Automatic Controls

  • Checklists

  • Portfolios

  • Search Filters

  • Inputing Documents

  • Output Documents

  • Scans

  • OCR

  • Barcodes

  • Dynamic Labels

  • Activity Monitoring

  • Interim

  • Collaboration tools

  • Chat

  • ACLs

  • Encryption

  • Audit Trails

  • Electronic Signature

  • `
  • Dynamic Agenda

  • Mobile Ready

  • Cloud Ready

  • and a lot more