What Is No-Code And Why You Should Go For It?

It's human nature to make complicated things easy; they tend to find ways that are simple and less cumbersome. Today, the world is switching to fast-paced digital transformation and owing to the digital revolution, enterprises and businesses require more intelligent software to ensure efficient functioning across its endpoints.

The future of enterprises revolves around smart web apps, intelligent mobile apps and useful desktop software. According to Gartner, mobile apps are expected to have deep impacts on the success of businesses by 2024.

The most challenging part of developing intelligent software is coding. But what if you can build a smart app with no coding at all? This is what the no-code platform promises. Chris Wanstrath, CEO at Github, says “The future of coding is no coding at all”. No code platform is aimed to enable every user to build an application regardless of coding knowledge.

How No-Code works?

No-code allows users to develop the same web and mobile applications as developed by software engineers but without getting deep into coding. It omits the need to have coding expertise for developing software.

The no-code platform offers visual programming in which a user can work through code elements using drag and drop UI to create software instead of employing code-based development environments. MIT Media Lab’s Scratch programming language is a prominent example which deploys graphical programming UI.

Why is No-Code the next revolution ?

One significant factor contributing to the rise of no-code is the demand for generating more and more software for a limited number of developers/ software engineers. With this platform, we can bridge the shortage gap by enabling every user with little or no technical knowledge at all to develop software. Learning to code is a difficult skill, and it takes time to be an expert. Whereas, with no code tools, it's a lot easier to produce software without going through extensive coding practice.

It is also creating much hype in the world of marketing and business. Even some more prominent names like Forester, Gartner & Forbes are advocating the platform. “We treat “no-code” as a wonderful software-delivery outcome” – Forester
"No-code platforms offer a sophisticated approach towards apps functionality. It is now simple to build most end-to-end enterprise applications on a no-code platform” – Forbes

No-Code vs Low-Code

There is another concept called Low code, which stands in between code and No-Code. No-Code platforms are focused on business and non-technical people, whereas Low-code is still for developers. It includes coding but offers some visual tools too.

Why should you opt for No-Code?

No Code offers a very stable experience to build enterprise-level apps and software. It would help if you went for it due to the following advantages: Easy Learning Curve for Non-Coders It will only take some days to learn a No-Code platform.

Reduced costs

Hiring a developer or coder can be much costly for you. If your business is new, you might not have the budget to hire professional developers. Hence, No-Code can be a lifesaver for you. By using No-Code platforms, you can reduce the cost of hiring developers.

Rapid Development

By using a No-Code platform, you can speed up your development process. Businesses require to update the software to meet the ever-changing requirements of a business. No-Code simplifies the whole process and enables you to release rapid iterations of your software.

According to industry experts, No-code will derive the future of software development. It is an emerging technology that caters the need of rapid application development and provides the sustaining solution to survive in this era of rapid digital transformation.